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Space. The final frontier. Countless civilizations across the galaxy reach out to the stars, and to each other. They find new life, new ideas, new technology - and peril. There are dangers and opportunities untold in the shifting tapestry of astral adventure. Into that adventure, The United Federation of Planets sends its boldest and brightest: the intrepid explorers of Starfleet. 

Us? We're nowhere near that. We're stuck here on this broken-down space station with little more than a nearly-exhausted ice-mine, a four-bay spaceport, and hasperat—but oh my stars you guys, the hasperat. 

Seriously—Oh. My. Stars. 

The only saving grace is this bouncing little joint on the Promenade. The proprietor is a devious little Ferengi but he knows how to keep the holodecks humming, the drinks flowing and the Dabo tables piled with Latinum. Sure, it has its share of problems (with everyone from the grumpy Security Officer to shifty arms dealers) but who in town doesn’t have to deal with problems? 

The Chief Engineer’s always exhausted from holding this place together, the station’s doctor’s always getting his heart broken, the station’s captain can’t get anyone to play baseball with him, and the proprietor's own nephew wants to join Starfleet! Their problems aren’t going away, but at least they can always get a delicious meal and share their story. Even if talking doesn’t solve their problems, at least they’ll still have hasperat, huh?

Poutine: Deep Dish Nine is a stand-alone Star Trek-themed hack of Poutine, which is a story game about love, regret, and delicious delicious poutine designed for 2+ players and GM-less play. In it, you'll tell slice-of-life stories framed around a bar or restaurant about people living aboard a small settlement or spaceship in the Trek universe.

Owning a copy of Poutine is not necessary to play this game.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorThe Kinematic Cafe
GenreRole Playing
TagsStory Rich


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